Lakewood Rally

Lakewood Residents March For Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses

Joining major rallies and calls to actions across New Jersey, Lakewood residents marched in support of allowing more than 500,000 residents to drive safely on NJ roads

LAKEWOOD--On Saturday, May 19th residents and community leaders marched in support of expanding access to driver’s licenses to more New Jerseyans including undocumented immigrants, seniors, victims of violence, and members of the LGBTQ community. Expanded access to driver’s licenses is expected to benefit everyone through increased road safety, a boost to New Jersey’s economy through collection of fees and insurance payments, and increase the well-being of communities by decreasing the risk of family separation.


More than 50 community members marched with banners and posters and chanted for the expansion of access to driver’s licenses in 2018.  


Diego Cazar, a member leader with New Labor in Lakewood said,  “Mi nombre es Diego Cazar, como parte de la organizacion New Labor y como un residente de Lakewood en New Jersey estoy aqui participando  y apoyando la campana Manejemos New Jersey para poder conseguir la muy anhelada licencia de manejar para todos en el estado jardin.


“Las licencias de manejar no solo son un privilegio, se han convertido en una necesidad para poder movilizarnos a nuestros trabajos, a las escuelas, a las tiendas y a todo lugar, y si estamos manejando sin este documento tenemos el riesgo de ser detenidos por la policiay estar expuestos a pagar tickets de multa que son muy costosos y que afectan la economia familiar.”


English Translation:


“My name is Diego Cazar, as part of the New Labor organization and as a resident of Lakewood in New Jersey I’m here participating and supporting the Let’s Drive NJ campaign to get the very long waited for driver's license to everyone in the Garden State.


“Driver's licenses are not just a privilege, it has become a necessity to travel to our jobs, schools, shops and everywhere, and if you are driving without this document have the risk of being arrested by the police and be required to pay very expensive tickets which affects the family’s economy.”

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