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Let's Drive NJ brings together over eighty community, faith, labor, social service, and advocacy organizations to push to expand access to driver's licenses in the Garden State. Too often, otherwise qualified drivers face barriers to obtaining a license -- vulnerable populations like undocumented immigrants, survivors of violence, transgender individuals and senior citizens are particularly impacted. In December 2019, New Jersey became the 15th state to expand access to driver's licenses to qualified drivers, regardless of immigration status. New Jersey joins fourteen other states and D.C that have implemented similar measures. It is expected New Jersey will see an increase in public safety, increase in revenues to state and local economies, and increase the well-being of all families – particularly the hundreds of thousands who will gain access to a driver's license. More information on this common-sense proposal here. Read the legislation here.     






The expansion for driver's licenses to all has not been implemented, the Motor Vehicles Commission (MVC) has to first announce a date when the new potential drivers can start applying. The legislation notes that the MVC has up to 13 months to implement. 

The new expansion of licenses to all only applies to the standard licenses, which will be available to all who qualify regardless of immigration status. The Real ID license is one that will require proof of status, as well as the other requirements listed above. The Real ID license is designated be eligible to board airplanes and enter federal facilities, which will not be possible with a standard license. More information at https://realidnj.com/


The list of documents required for new drivers under this expansion is not yet available. The Let's Drive NJ Campaign will post updates, including on our social media when we have the list. The MVC has noted that the documents and point system will require people to proof their identity, their age, and that they reside in New Jersey. Please check the MVC for more information and see our resources on the 6 Points of ID.

While we are waiting for MVC to give us an update on what the new rules and regulations will look like for accepted documents, we encourage everyone to study for the test and learn the basics of the process of applying for a driver’s license in New Jersey. You can start preparing by studying the driver's manual.

Remember, do not fall for fraud. The MVC does not accept money for appointments and appointments for the new standard driver’s license are not yet available. Read all the community information here.




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