RU Dreamers Join Let's Drive NJ


RU Dreamers Join Let’s Drive NJ Campaign in Support of Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses

Dreamers call on New Jersey state legislators to pass legislation that would allow more residents to access driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status.


Newark, NJ--  RU Dreamers is proud to join the Let’s Drive NJ campaign to expand access to driver’s licenses to more residents including undocumented residents. Dreamers and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients continue to live in fear of losing their status as the fight for DACA is tied up in the courts and legal system. Our access to many opportunities are at the mercy of the courts. As students committed to pursuing education, access to a driver’s license is key not only to our academic success but also to our families’ and communities’ well-being. With access to a driver’s licenses, we are able to pursue our dreams and support our families by driving our siblings to school, after school activities, or doctor’s appointment, and helping our parents take care of urgent needs.


While having DACA status has opened many opportunities for us, it can all be taken away with a swift decision in the legal battle which has already restricted new Dreamers from applying for this program. This will mean we will no longer have access to a driver’s license and no longer be able to drive to school, work or provide critical support to our families. The urgency is now, we do not know what will impact our families in the upcoming months, it is imperative that the legislature gets a bill to the governor’s desk by December. To be clear, all qualified residents need to have access to a driver’s license in order to sustain themselves and provide for their families, this includes many marginalized communities in New Jersey.  


RU Dreamers supports the expansion of access to driver’s licenses to more residents and urges New Jersey legislators to move forward on this issue so that we can continue pursuing our dreams, contributing to New Jersey’s economy, and supporting our families.