CAIR-NJ Joins Let's Drive NJ

CAIR New Jersey Joins Let’s Drive NJ Campaign to Expand Access to Drivers Licenses for More Residents

CAIR NJ stands in solidarity with all New Jersey residents and families who do not have access to driver's licenses


At the New Jersey Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ), we are committed to working with the Let’s Drive NJ campaign to fight for the right of all qualified New Jersey residents to have access to a driver’s license, regardless of immigration status. Our vision for a more just and equal future is one that celebrates everyone who calls New Jersey home, regardless of where they are from, what they look like, or how they pray.

Muslim communities are often disproportionately impacted by any legislation that seeks to restrict access to valid forms of identification. Through our years of work in New Jersey, we know that something as seemingly simple as access to a driver’s license can be the key factor to a family or individual’s ability to find safety and stability in their community -- and that our New Jersey communities are at their best when everyone has the access and opportunity they need to thrive. No one wins when their neighbor’s ability to drive to work, or take their kids to school, or go to the grocery store, is compromised.

As one of the most diverse states in the country, New Jersey is uniquely situated to be a model for a more welcoming and equal society. The Let’s Drive NJ campaign is advocating for access to driver’s licenses for more residents who are currently being unfairly left out of being able to participate fully in our communities. In order to value the lives of our community members and neighbors, CAIR-NJ fully supports the expansion of access to driver’s licenses for more New Jersey residents who can prove their residency, identity, and are properly trained and tested. We are proud to announce our commitment to the Let’s Drive NJ campaign and are eager to work with our partners to expand access to driver’s licenses to more qualified residents in New Jersey.