Camden Coalition Joins Let's Drive NJ

Camden Coalition Joins Let’s Drive NJ Campaign in Support of Expansion of Access to Identification To More New Jersey Residents

Expanding access to a state issued ID will help formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals start over

The Camden Coalition is proud to join the Let’s Drive NJ Campaign in support of improving access to driver’s licenses and state issued identifications in New Jersey. As a coalition we are committed to elevating the health of our patients, many of whom face the most complex medical and social barriers. One of the challenges for our patients is not having access to state issued IDs, which enable them to access the vital resources they need at a critical time in their healing.  

For our patients who are formerly incarcerated or face homelessness, the few forms of identification they do have are often not enough to fulfill the current documentation needs for state issued driver’s licenses or identification cards. Often, the Motor Vehicles Commission (MVC) may not even accept legitimate documents they have, including county jail or department of corrections issued ID cards. This is a grave injustice to people who have served their time and are returning to their communities with the goal of restarting their lives.

The Camden Coalition stands with the Let’s Drive NJ campaign to successfully improve our communities’ ability to get critical identification for the health and well-being of our patients and their families.