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Allowing all residents, regardless of status, to be tested, licensed and insured would create a safer New Jersey and allow its residents to engage more in the economic, social and cultural life of the state.


About the Let's Drive NJ Campaign


The Let's Drive NJ campaign is calling on state and local lawmakers to expand access to driver’s licenses to qualified New Jersey residents. Too often, otherwise qualified drivers face barriers to obtaining a license. Vulnerable populations like undocumented immigrants, survivors of violence, transgender individuals and senior citizens are particularly impacted.

We support allowing residents to have a limited driver's license for state-purposes only in the Garden State. New Jersey would become the 13th state to expand access to driver’s licenses in the U.S., following states like California, Utah, Washington, and District of Columbia which have successfully implemented similar expansions.


Thank you for your support of the Let's Drive NJ Campaign! Spread the word and show your support by telling your friends and family about this movement. Be a leader of this effort and help us ensure that New Jersey expands access to licenses. 


Let's Drive NJ Launch

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