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Sharing your story is important to educating legislators about why access to driver's licenses in necessary for our families and communities. Driving is a necessity in New Jersey for improving road and public safety. Tell us why its important to you here. 


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  • Erika Anguiano
    If I am able to drive, I would be helping my children be better students and citizens. They are limited in the amount of activities because I am not able to take them. My husband works full time. I will be contributing to the states economy and I would be able to buy a car and pay insurance. I can probably find a better job. Thank you
  • Luiz Oliveira
  • Luiz Oliveira
  • Felipe Meza
  • José Avila
    My name is Jose and I am the head house, License will change my life because I’m father of 2 children’s, so that way I can move around to help them out with the school sports, and help me to work, please support the license drivers!!! And god bless you!