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Sharing your story is important to educating legislators about why access to driver's licenses in necessary for our families and communities. Driving is a necessity in New Jersey for improving road and public safety. Tell us why its important to you here. 


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  • Miriam A
    I am a 16 year old girl living in central jersey who is originally from Mexico. I was adopted as a young baby by US citizens but due to the adoption agency’s error I have been living undocumented my whole life. Teens my age are all starting to get their licenses, but due to my status I am missing out on this important milestone. I want to be able to drive to the mall to meet my friends, and not have to burden my parents by relying on them for transport. My parents worry for me every day, but if this bill passed I could gain a bit more independence that other people my age have. Thank you so much for your activism and all your hard work
  • Jan Canlapan
    Had a Drivers Permit for a class D car license that expired in September 2018 due to my federal Employment authorization card that expired last year. For my Drivers Permit, I took the test in October 2017 to which it was valid up to October 2019 yet I can’t renew it due to NJ not allowing immigrants who lack federal immigration Status such as myself. If the proposed A4743/S3229 gets then immigrants who lack federal immigration can renew their licenses and Driver’s permits including my self.
  • Ee Aaa
    Illegals should be here let alone have a license
  • thomas casserly
    this is wrong please attain legal status and learn the language of this country
  • sohan shah
    E-Aadhaar is as valid as the original Aadhaar. Users can get e-Aadhaar, download on their mobile phones and also check the status of their Aadhaar online. check visit site
  • Sania Elhilaly
    This past summer i was able to drive agane but that i needed to take the test over and my driving test too !! I had only 5points , they ask you for a passport i told the lady that dont have a passport becaues i never left the( usa)also i think that they are working with (ins)office they can go out (ics)catch the one that don’t belong in the( usa) i thank that they only should be the (DMV OFFIC ONLY) and ins be them. I had cam to the usa when i was 6 or 7 yrs old with my dad & mom i grow up in the usa & i had finnch school well high school 12 .then i worked full time.i want to be able todrive myself to work and home .i speed a lots of money on and lots on buss to go shopping , cabs toget work, WE ALL NEED TO DRIVE WITH OUT SOME TRYING TO FIND OUT WHY YOU DONT HAVE PAPPERS, then i had got my ID AT THE DMV OFFICE IN EDSION , I DIDT KNOW UNTIL I HAD GOT THIS FROM GOING TO ONE WINDOW TO THE NEXT WINDOW . AND THEY EVEN WONT GIVE ME A NEW IN.I NEED TO DRIVE PLEASE LET US BE ABLE TO DRIVE AND JOIN AND AS LIKE DEALWERE .drvers there can get to drive wathout a proplm.please help . God blisse you .
  • Jorge Cabrera
    I arrive Christmas and snow I have 2 children of 12 and 10 years old both in talent school with the best grades I wonder if one day I can drive a car and put them somewhere this cold is very difficult life so if we all make mistakes no one is perfect just ask for an opportunity we come to this great country looking for a dream we will be a punishment if but do not separate us from our families that more punishment than seeing my parents and not being able to bury them. for God’s sake car license for undocumented parents
  • Erika Anguiano
    If I am able to drive, I would be helping my children be better students and citizens. They are limited in the amount of activities because I am not able to take them. My husband works full time. I will be contributing to the states economy and I would be able to buy a car and pay insurance. I can probably find a better job. Thank you
  • Luiz Oliveira
  • Luiz Oliveira
  • Felipe Meza
  • José Avila
    My name is Jose and I am the head house, License will change my life because I’m father of 2 children’s, so that way I can move around to help them out with the school sports, and help me to work, please support the license drivers!!! And god bless you!