Recruit Others to Join the Campaign!

Supporters are a key part of showing that New Jersey is ready to expand access to driver's licenses. Talk to your friends, family, community leaders - law enforcement, business owners, community organizations, faith leaders. 

Share the petition

Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to sign the petition, you can find a print version here. 

Write to Legislators

Ask your neighbors to contact your legislators here. Anyone can contact their legislator regardless of their age or immigration status. 

Contact Community Leaders

Contact your community leaders and ask them to support the campaign:

  • Law Enforcement: Approach your local police chief, county sheriff, or other law enforcement agents, ask them to sign our law enforcement support letter. More licensed and insured drivers will make our roads safer and will help with interactions with law enforcement. Law Enforcement Officers understand that this will assist them with community policing efforts and to keep us all safe.   
  • Faith Leaders: Contact your community's faith leaders,ask them to sign our faith leader supporter letter. Faith leaders know that it is our duty to help our neighbors and be welcoming to all. Supporting expanding licenses is about standing by our marginalized brothers and sisters so they can be full participants in our communities. 
  • Organizations: Reach out to your local community organizations, ask them to sign our community organization support letter. Over 50 organizations have already signed up to support this campaign. Many across the state support this common sense legislation and are ready to put their full organizational support behind this campaign. 
  • Businesses: Speak with your local business owners and ask them to sign our business leader support letter. Businesses across the state understand that the local and state economy will improve due to this policy. Employers across the state worry about how workers will get to work without a car and support our campaign.
    • Business Public Support - Ask your local businesses to show their support by posting these signs in their business windows.



If you have any questions regarding the letters and obtaining sign-ons, please contact us at [email protected].





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