Can I transfer a valid license from another state/ country? 

  • The MVC will determine the new regulations for drivers with valid licenses from other states or countries.
  • Currently, the process is:

    • One must submit the previous license to the local DMV and follow requirements for 6 Points of ID to apply for a new license.

    • Vehicle and registration must be transferred within 60 days of moving to New Jersey.

    • Applicants under 21 must complete the GDL program requirements (also written simply here)

    • Alert: If you have a license from out of state while residing in New Jersey, please first speak to a lawyer before applying for the standard driver’s license in New Jersey.  

  • If you obtained a license from another state while living in New Jersey, then applying for a license in NJ may cause MVC to flag your information. This may lead to legal consequences. We want everyone to know their risk when applying for a driver’s license in New Jersey. 

  • If your information is flagged by the MVC, the MVC can keep and share your identity documents ie copy of your passport with law enforcement to investigate fraud. 

  • This could potentially lead to a criminal charge. Criminal charges can lead to consequences for future immigration benefits.  

  • Its best to be careful and speak with a lawyer first if this could be your situation.