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Businesses across the state understand that the local and state economy will improve due to this policy. Employers worry about how workers will get to work without the ability to drive. Join other business owners who support the Let's Drive NJ campaign below. 

Dear Legislators  –

As business owners and leaders across the state of New Jersey, we urge you to support and enact legislation that would expand access to driver's licenses to all New Jerseyans regardless of status.

Preventing people from taking a NJ driver's test and applying for insurance, and ultimately obtaining a license is putting our safety and economic growth of the state at risk. This common-sense policy would contribute to the economic vitality of the state in the following ways:

More Insured Drivers and Lower Car Insurance Premiums

New Jersey would see about $209 million in new insurance payments. New Jersey has the nation’s most expensive automobile insurance, with an average cost of $1,184 that greatly exceeds the national average of $797. A larger pool of licensed and insured motorists should help to lower costs to car insurance providers and allow for reduced car insurance  premiums for drivers across the state. It would benefit New Jersey residents, and provide a boon to New Jersey’s auto insurance industry.

Boost the State’s Economy and Provide Economic Benefits to the State

Allowing all New Jerseyans, regardless of status, to drive legally would help New Jersey’s economy  by increasing state revenues, without having to raise taxes. Depending on the license fee set for these newly eligible applicants, New Jersey could expect  anywhere between $5.2 million and $11.1 million in new revenue from these fees.

Economic Benefits to Local Businesses:

Granting all New Jerseyans, regardless of status, the ability to drive legally would increase the  purchasing power of undocumented immigrants. We believe it would also make New Jersey a more welcoming and open place to do business for many of our industries.

Allowing all residents, regardless of status, to be tested, licensed and insured would create a safer New Jersey and allow its residents to engage more in the economic life of the state. For these reasons, we urge you to support legislation to expand access to driver licenses to New  Jerseyans.


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